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Elaine Weiner-Reed

Revealing Layers - Honoring the Journey

  "Each person is a book or medley of memories. 
Every story is as unique 
as its players and scenarios choreographed in time."

My art focuses on unraveling the complexity and mystery of human emotion, behavior, and relationships, featuring the individual within or outside of a group dynamic. Layers of color, shape, texture, and line palpitate with energy to convey a mood: intimacy, loneliness, alienation, joy, solidarity, sensuality, conflict, harmony, or mystery.  Depending on the story, I zoom in on an individual, defining their character in layers, or I depict them only as silhouettes or after-thoughts. Are they center stage or out of focus? Do they wear a mask…?  Each painting is wrenched from personal experience, influenced by dreams, and infused with thought and emotion.

  The following "Group Dynamics, Personal Agendas" Gallery represents a sampling of the Artist's abstract figures repertoire.

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Recalibrating Destiny

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Mirror, Mirror - 36H x 24W inches

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Let Nothing Come Between

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Spectral Lines III

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Tough Crowd

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Coloring Outside the Lines - 36H x 24W inches

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Let's Keep on Dancing - 24H x 20W inches

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Once in a Blue Moon II

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Dejeuner sur l'Herbe

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Lady Blue

Elaine Weiner-Reed - The Sum of Her Parts

The following four paintings were created during a 2014 International Residency in Myslenice, Poland. These works and one sculpture "Unconditional Love" were on exhibit  (July-September 2015), after which they were to tour Poland, France, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

Selectee/Participant in the Poland Ministry of Culture and European Union-sponsored and funded Warsztaty Artystyczne (WMA, 17th Annual) – Towarzystwo. By-name invitation; one of five American artists in first American group ever invited. 

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Group Dynamics III"

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Once in a Blue Moon"

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "After Midnight"

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Free Spirits"

            The following four works were exhibited in Barcelona - 
Espacio 120's International Juried Exhibition - Salon del Arte Primavera 2014
(Note: All four currently in private collection in Spain.)

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Joined at the Heart"

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Remembering to Forget"

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Kindred Spirits"

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "The Second Act"

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