Elaine Weiner-Reed



Honoring the Journey...


                  "Each person is a book or medley of memories, 

                                     and every story is as unique as the players

               and scenes choreographed in time."

                                                                           - EWR

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - Primal Scream - 24 x 36 in
Permanent Collection, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art

"When life hits hard, we express ourselves as best we can.  I create." -EWR

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - Ancestral Whispers III - 24 x 30 in 

"How many timeless echoes and influences impact our lives and relationships? 
Every life has its impact, but some interactions resonate more than others
...for better or for worse." - EWR

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - Once Upon an Allegory - 24 x 36 in

"Happening around us every day are stories and fables, dramas and poetry
...too many to capture in song or on paper or canvas." -EWR

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - Spectral Lines - 32 x 46 in

"We are all products of our history, ancestors, and all those with whom we interact. 
We carry all of that with us as we move through life." -EWR

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - Doors and Secrets - 24 x 36 in

"Every group, family, and social network has its doors and secrets. 
Sometimes one has to know when to knock and when to walk away unnoticed." -EWR 

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - Timeless Influences - 24 x 36 in

 "The Universe is constantly telling stories and weaving scenes of mystery and beauty. 
When we intersect with these timeless and ephemeral connections, 
they become part of our own story." -EWR

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